Friday, 26 April 2019
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Late returns and missing or broken toys

Out of fairness to other members to continue to have the opportunity of selecting a wide variety of toys, fines are charged for late returns or missing/broken toys.

You have a one weeks grace period to make your returns. Thereafter, a fine of $1 per toy per week applies.

If a toy is returned with insignificant missing pieces, the member is required to pay a $5 bond per missing piece. If the missing part is found, it can be returned and the $5 bond is refunded.

The onus is upon the member to ensure that all pieces listed on the toy label are with the toy and in good condition when they sign the toy out.

If a significant piece can not be found or a toy is returned with SIGNIFICANT BROKEN PIECES, then the replacement cost of the toy will be charged. The replacement cost will be deemed by the committee, taking depreciation into account. Alternatively it may be appropriate for you to purchase a replacement part.